Saturday, August 27, 2005


It may still be August - just - but signs that Autumn is not far away are all too clear. Our road is lined with conker trees, ripe with their spiky fruit and already a few eager beavers have fallen to ground.

In a month's time the street will be thick with the green skins and the brown shiny peeble-y seeds.

At times the conkers can rain down from the trees, setting off sensitive car alarms and leaving the odd mark in the over polished roofs of over expensive cars.

When that times comes, it will my sign to end this particular blog.

I'll keep it open at least until we return from holiday. We've two weeks booked in Greece, on the small island of Alonissos.

Goody needs two weeks of absolute relaxation and that's what I plan to do.... nothing.

Plenty of books, sun tan lotion, shorts, t-shirts and the ipod are all that I plan on packing.

Four years ago we spent two delightful weeks in Rhodes, so we're hoping for more of the same. Although, our bags got lost last time, so let's avoid that!

Four years ago, the digital camera, blogs, laptops and PSP were not part of my world.

So here's too a relaxing, gadget-filled holiday!


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